Here is a display of KEYSTONE made by DISSTON Hand Saws that will make the selling of popular-priced Hand Saws easy for the Hardware Merchant. The display consists of a black lacquer finish wood stand, the legs of which are slotted to carry three 26-inch KEYSTONE made by DISSTON Hand Saws on one side and three on the other side. There is a yellow and black display card, 19 1/4 inches long by 7 1/2 inches high, at the top, and two "Outstanding Value" cards across the bottom on each side. The three cards lock the stand together in a unique manner, making a rigid, attractive-looking display. In using this display stand, dealer takes the Keystone Saws supplied in the Display Stock package and arranges them, three on one side and three on the other side, in the slots. Each saw in this Keystone Display Stock carries a keystone-shape price tag giving the price and a brief sales talk regarding the saw. On the back of the card the consumer is offered an opportunity to secure a copy of the Disston Saw, Tool and File Manual by writing to the Disston home office.

Large illustration shows one side of display with K-6
K-5 and K-4 Saws.
Small illustration shows other side with K-3, K-2
and K-1 Saws showing

When you buy this
KEYSTONE Hand Saw Display Stock
          . . . here is what you get!
     Sells for Retail
 1 K-1 Leader 26"-8 point $1.00 each  $1.00
 1 K-1 Speedster 26"-8 point $1.25 each  $1.25
 4 K-3 Pacemaker 26"-8 point $1.50 each  $6.00
 2 K-3 Pacemaker 20"-9 point $1.25 each  $2.50
 1 K-4 Air Master 26"-8 point $1.75 each  $1.75
 1 K-5 Defender 26"-8 point $2.00 each  $2.00
 1 K-6 or K-6 Challenger 26"-8 point $2.35 each  $2.35
 1 K-6 or K-6 Challenger 26"-9 point $2.35 each  $2.35
12 Keystone Saws which will sell for a total of $19.20 
Display Material as follows:
1 Wood display stand; 3 display cards; price tag on every saw.
Complete stock (12 saws) consumer value of $19.20 sells to
Hardware Merchant for $12.80, leaving a margin of $6.40.
Weight of complete Stock Package, 23 pounds.

K-1 Leader
A straight-back saw with striped back. Hardwood handle, stained, weatherproof finish. Indeed, it is a "Leader" in the low-priced field. A BIG value for the retail price of $1.00. Cross-cut: 26"-8 points.
K-2 Speedster
A skew-back saw with striped back. Hardwood handle stained cherry color, weatherproof finish and carved. Biggest value ever offered to retail at $1.25. Cross-cut: 26" --8 points.
K-3 Pacemaker
Skew-back pattern, striped back saw. Hardwood handle carved on grip; mahogany color, weatherproof finish. Cross-cut: 20" and 22" -- 9 and 10 points, $1.25; 24" -- 7, 8 and 9 points, $1.40; 26" -- 7 and 8 points; and Rip: 26"- 5½ points, $1.50.
K-4 Airmaster
A nicely finished, skew-back pattern with striped back. Thin back, teeth bevel filed. Carved grip handle, stained gun metal, weatherproof finish. Cross-cut: 26" -- 7 and 8 points; Rip: 26" -- 5½ points, $1.75.
K-5 Defender
Skew-back, finely made, striped back saw; extra high finish. Thin back, teeth bevel filed. Stained light brown, weatherproof finish, carved grip handle. Cross-cut: 16" -- l0 points, $1.10; 20" -- 9 points, $1.40; 26" -- 7 and 8 points and Rip 26" -- 5½ points, $2.00.
K-6 Challenger


In Keystone made by DISSTON Hand Saws, the
Merchant has a good utility product-a line made in
grades that will appeal to home owners, farmers, stu-
dents and all others who are willing to pay only from
$1.00 to $2.35 for a hand saw. These keystone Hand
Saws are made in the Disston plant under the super-
vision of skilled saw makers who have helped build
Disston prestige in the saw industry. They are etched
with the name Disston. They are BETTER Saws for the
price asked than others being offered at similar prices.
And, they carry the usual business-like margin for the
Hardware Merchant.

Skew-back, taper ground saw, striped back, extra high finish. Teeth bevel filed. Full carved, hardwood handle, stained light brown, weatherproof finish. Cross-cut: 20" -- 10 points, $1.75; 22" -- l0 points, $1.85; 24" -- 8 and 9 points, $2.15; 26" -- 7, 8, 9 and 10 points and Rip: 26" -- 5½ and 6 points, $2.35.


And remember, every one of these keystone
SAWS is "Made-by-Disston"... there are no
better popular-priced saws made anywhere!

except lightweight (ship) pattern, straight-back, supplied in the following sizes:
Cross-cut: 24" -- 8 and 9 points, $2.15; 26" -- 7 ,8, 9 and 10 points and Rip: 26" -- 5½ and 6 points, $2.35.


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